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Surveillance, using cameras or traditional surveillance techniques can be some of the most useful tools in a private investigators arsenal, whether using, high tech electronic surveillance, with visible or hidden cameras, or through physical surveillance, we can document and record the activities of virtually anyone, anywhere.

Common surveillance targets include:
Business partners, Employee’s, Spouses, and Prospective partners.

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Physical Surveillance

Workers Compensation
Insurance Fraud
Personal Injury

Surveillance is often used to detect fraudulent injury claims, we frequently conduct surveillance operations for the insurance industry, workers compensation, employers, as well as divorce and civil litigation cases.

Our agents are trained in covert professional surveillance techniques: Keeping detailed notes, photographs, and video footage of a subject’s activities, while remaining invisible to the target. Surveillance can provide great insight and occasional surprises. Our agents are experienced in giving expert testimony in civil and criminal court.



Electronic Surveillance

Electronic Surveillance

Electronic surveillance systems, using hidden or visible cameras, can be placed virtually anywhere (Restrictions apply) to be recorded to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Time lapse VHS tape, as well as broadcast on a secure IP address, for remote viewing from anywhere with internet access



Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Video camera systems today are capable of not only recording activity, but also of notifying you by phone, pager or email of an alarm condition. Allowing you to log on by internet, and see what is happening in real time. With options of controlling cameras remotely as well as triggering sirens and lighting, these high tech systems are beginning to replace traditional alarm systems.





Our video camera surveillance experts can install cameras and systems to allow you to monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world 24 / 7.
Keep an eye on your business, home or children with the click of a mouse in real time. Some systems even stream live video to a mobile device

Cameras and equipment are handled by our specialized video surveillance division


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 Counter Surveillance
Electronic Sweeps (Debugging)

RK’s counter surveillance services, have been called upon to to secure and debug: offices, board rooms, and telephone systems of some of Quebec and Ontario’s largest companies, and most influential individuals, against illegal eavesdropping and electronic eavesdropping. Debugging and electronic sweeps of offices, and communication equipment can be vital to your companies security, and privacy.



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