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Security Guards & Consulting

Security guards, Security consulting and risk management for Quebec business. RK can provide professional security personnel for any situation.
Serving Montreal Quebec since 1972, our security experts are some of the most respected in the industry.


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Security Guards Uniformed Security Guards, Montreal, Quebec

Uniformed security guards, Montreal, QuebecRK provide uniformed security guards throughout Quebec, for commercial installations, shopping mall guards, access control officers, airport screening, office buildings. RK can provide well trained professional guards for any situation or event. We provide long term or short term officers, as well as plain clothed agents for discreet situations.



Security Consultants

With more than 30 years of experience, our security consultants can pinpoint your risks or problems, and work with you to improve your systems, awareness or prevention plan.



Strike and Labour Disputes

RK commonly provide security guards during labour unrest and strikes, to protect property and staff from harassment, intimidation and violence. The best time to prepare is in advance, our security consultants can prepare a risk management plan to ensure you are prepared and aware of impending risks. Let our experts guide you through this difficult time.



Event Security

RK can provide unformed or plain clothed officers for any event.
Trade Shows, Sports events, Concerts, Rally’s, Protests, Night clubs


Security Risk Management

Risk identification and management is better performed in advance, rather than when all hell has broken loose, and no risk management plan exists to deal with this contingency.
Our risk management team can help avert problems before they occur, and plan to mitigate damages, in the event they are unavoidable.
A pinch of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.

Our staff undergo rigorous training and comply with all
laws and regulations for the province of Quebec, and Canada



RK’s security professionals are dedicated to your well being, and piece of mind.
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