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Investigations RK, are one of the most respected Private Investigation agencies in Montreal.




With more than 30 years experience in Criminal and Civil investigations, Investigations RK’s seasoned investigators, are some of the most experienced in Quebec.
Investigation RK’s strength, lies in the quality and experience of its senior management, and investigators.

With many years of police and private investigation background, our investigators bring, superior experience and knowledge to all files.

Our private investigators, for the most part are ex-police detectives & officers, skilled in conducting investigations, to final presentation before the courts, be they civil or criminal.



Criminal Investigation | Background Investigations | Fraud Investigation | Arson Investigation | Suspicious Death

Subversive Activities | Evidence Gathering | Undercover Investigators | Internal Theft | Civil Litigation





Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigations Montreal

Criminal Investigations with Results.
Police departments are understaffed and in some cases unable to dedicate the time and resources required to fully investigate your complaint in-depth.
Our team of ex- police and well trained investigators work with police agencies to carry on where they left off, or conduct the entire investigation start to finish, preparing all documents required to bring criminal charges, and obtain convictions




 Background Investigations

Background Investigations / Matrimonial Law

Criminal background checks

Background Investigations



Pre-employment Investigations, Criminal Checks.
Background Investigations are useful in exposing the facts prior to making long term commitments. Do you want to know more about someone you are involved with, or considering hiring?
Our experienced investigators can help expose the truth.
We frequently conduct background investigations into:
Partners, prospective clients, associates, sick and injured employees.




 Fraud Investigation


Credit Card Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Financial Fraud

25 Years Experience in Fraud Investigation.
Serving some of Canada’s largest insurance and credit card companies, RK has developed a reputation as a leading fraud investigation agency in Quebec.




 Arson Investigation

Fire investigation
Forensic Arson investigation

Arson Investigation
Investigations RK, have many years experience in arson and suspicious fire investigations. We often act, on behalf of insurance companies, investigating suspicious fires.



 Suspicious Death Investigations


A Suspicious Death can be difficult for family and loved ones to live with.
Police and medical examiners cannot always provide the answers you need for closure. Our investigation agency has investigated many suspicious deaths on behalf of families and insurance companies, and can often reveal information previously undiscovered.




 Subversive Activities

Corporate Espionage
Union and Labour Issues

Investigation of Subversive Activities, corporate espionage and sabotage, can be conducted on many levels. Through the use of undercover investigators, electronic surveillance and specialized investigative techniques, RK can expose subversive activities within your organization.



Evidence Gathering


Witness Statements
Video & Photographic Evidence
Divorce / Matrimonial

Legal and Proper Gathering of Evidence, can make the difference whether you are successful in your legal action or not. Investigations RK, strictly follow all Canadian law in the gathering of evidence, be it video, photo, or written witness statements. Our investigators are also experienced in giving expert testimony in Canadian courts



Undercover Investigators

Our Undercover Investigators, are often called upon to investigate subversive activities, internal theft, drug abuse on company property. Our agency has successfully infiltrated many environments on its customer’s behalf. Investigation RK can supply undercover investigators, for any situation, from a month, to years of deep undercover in isolated environments.





 Internal Theft

Retail Employees
Warehouse Employees

Internal Theft Costs Canadian Business Millions of dollars annually, and has led to more than one successful companies demise. Employee theft, can range from theft of time, fraudulent expense reports, cashiers skimming cash, or in extreme cases, product being stolen by the truck load.
If you suspect your business is a victim of internal theft, contact us before attempting to investigate or speak with any suspects or staff, for the best chance of a successful resolution to your problem.



 Civil Litigation Investigations

Civil Litigation is a Costly Process with an uncertain outcome, let us improve your chances of award in your favour. Our investigators work with civil litigation lawyers to obtain and document necessary evidence to support your case, and expose new information. As well as presenting evidence before the courts if necessary.





Senior management is at your service, and available for consultation at all times.


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